Which Is The Best for 1911s – .45ACP VS 9MM VS 10MM

1911 is a popular gun in the handgun world. It’s a viable option for beginners and seasoned shooters because of its outstanding reliability, comfortable to conceal carry, highly customizable and chambers a variety of calibers. Today’s reflection is based on a comparison of various cartridges used in the 1911s. 

Among the .45 ACP, 9mm and 10mm which is the best in 1911? The .45 ACP cartridge designed by John Browning has been existence for over ten decades and it there are no signs it will ever go away. Later on came the new semi-automatic 9mm caliber handgun was born and profoundly influenced the building of double-stack handguns chambered in the same caliber, i.e., the 9mm. However, critics of the 9mm perceived it to be of poor performance but with only the advantage of a high capacity magazine. One gentleman known as Jeff Cooper was not reluctant to develop and introduce the 10mm cartridge. It was meant to be a better cartridge than the .45 ACP.

However, the 10mm has had a rough journey in the market until two firearm companies, i.e. Colt and Glock, came in to revive it. The 10mm cartridge is relatively not popular compared to the 9mm and .45 ACP. Nevertheless, a significant number of shooters have embraced it. 

Now, let’s see how they deliver their functions and why you should choose what among the three.

1911s 45ACP VS 9MM VS 10MM Which is the best
1911s 45ACP VS 9MM VS 10MM Which is the best

9mm 1911s

A significant number of shooters appreciate 1911 running on the 9mm caliber over.45 ACP or the 10mm calibers. But there are several reasons to justify this. 

First, let’s reflect on magazine capacity. A stack magazine of a 9mm 1911 has a capacity of 10 rounds.  That translates to two more rounds than the .45 ACP and one more round than the 10mm magazine. In this scenario, the 9mm is a plus. An extra round can make a big difference in times of an emergency. 

The 9mm ammunition is cheap compared to the .45 ACP ammo. Probably, it’s one reason why most shooters opt to train with 9mm 1911s. When you have affordable ammunition, you can easily practice more shooting to improve your skills. 

The 9mm 1911s are extremely reliable handguns if you take care of them. The worst mistake you would make is to blunder with the caliber and size. That a ticket to possible feeding glitches that would affect the reliability. 

Finally, they have an additional loaded front muzzle that is significant in recoil management hence, enhancing the practicality in taking follow up shots. It’s one of the best guns for self-defense purposes. 

10mm 1911s

While a lot of shooters still believe the .45 ACP is the best caliber for 1911s, others are of a different opinion. It’s also a remarkable caliber with some pros and cons. Do you need a handgun that comes as a “cocktail” of power and accuracy? The 10mm 1911 is the finest selection you will have to take. Additionally, there is fun shooting these kinds of 1911s. 

The 10mm 1911s are superior compared to those chambered in 9mm or the .45 ACP caliber. The 10mm round is faster than .45 ACP. On the other hand, the 10mm cartridge holds a heavier bullet than the 9mm cartridge.  

10mm 1911s are considered to be among the best handguns for hunting. It has enough power to take down a medium-size game.  Even though this handgun is not an everyday carry, it’s still useful for self-defense. Another positive aspect worth mentioning about this handgun is that the recoil is manageable but relatively higher than that of .45 ACP. Generally, the 10mm caliber is an all-round handgun compared to the 9mm 1911.

However, you are likely to spend more purchasing 10mm rounds compared to .45 ACP and 9mm rounds. Also, a 10mm 1911 is relatively heavier than the most 1911 chambered in 9mm and .45 ACP. Finally, most companies have not paid attention to the 10mm caliber; therefore, they are not common like you would expect the .45 ACP. In addition, finding cheap 10mm ammo depends on your location. 

.45 ACP 1911s

Reflecting on the history of 1911s, they were initially designed to chamber the .45 ACP. Additionally, they are even more common than the 9mm and the 10mm. However, for some shooter, this is an outdated caliber based on the fact it’s that its single cartridge takes more space than a 9mm among other reasons. 

The .45 ACP ammo is cheaper than the 10mm yet pricey than that of the 9mm. The capacity of the magazine varies depending on the type of gun, but in most 1911, the 9mm caliber’s magazine holds more rounds than the .45 ACP. Both the 10mm and .45 ACP are big calibers, but the 10mm round is longer while the .45 ACP has a larger projectile. However, the 10mm tends to generate more chamber pressure than the .45ACP.  

One indisputable fact about the .45 ACP is its high accuracy in a 1911 handgun. For that reason, shooters consider it for target shooting. Also, it’s a viable option for self-defense. 

Which is the best for 1911?

The fact that 1911s are popular and are offered in various calibers it’s hard to determine the best caliber. However, choosing the best 1911 boils down to your personal preference.

The .45 ACP caliber is big, reliable yet relatively slower. The 9mm caliber is exceptionally reliable, holds additional rounds, and it’s affordable. In case you find the 9mm 1911 worth your investment, you may consider the Hi-Power version. Finally, the 10mm caliber is powerful, covers an extended range and has manageable recoil. However, it demands a bigger budget to spend on the 10mm ammunition. 

Final Thought 

To settle this debate, we can all agree that among the three calibers of 1911, there is something for everyone. Different handguns meet the different needs of shooters. Regardless of 1911 of your choice, you must use the appropriate and quality ammo. Also, regular and consistence practice is a ticket to enhance your skills and experience with your ideal gun. 

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