Things You Should Do As A Gun Owner In 2020

Gun Owner Tips in 2020

Bearing a firearm is a legal, and it’s a constitutional right. However, there it comes with a big responsibility to any law-abiding citizen. There is a lot to be done from when you walk into that gun store to collect your legally acquired firearm or even after you build your own gun at home till that moment you decide to pull the trigger in a range, for self-defense or during a game hunt. 

What should any gun owner do in 2020? Mind you, 2020 gun sales showed an increase more than any other year in history. According to statistics as by 30th October 2020, Americans had bought nearly 17 million guns. The main factors that have triggered this upsurge of sales being the Covid-19 Pandemic, racial justice protest and fear of the elections. This data is a clear indication that millions of Americans need enlightenment on what they need to do as gun owners. 

Things you need to know about gun owner
Things you need to know about gun owners

Learn The Basic Rules Of Gun Safety

Owning a gun comes along with taking full responsibility for how you use it; therefore, you are accountable for any action likely to occur when you use your gun. One significant thing any gun owner and more so new gun owners in 2020 should do is learning the four basic rules of gun safety. Knowing them is not enough if you cannot practice them anytime you handle your firearm. 

Here are the basic rules ANY gun owner MUST practice: 

  1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. 
  2. Always keep your firearm pointed towards as safer direction 
  3. Be sure of your targets, your line of fire and what beyond the target.
  4. Always keep off your fingers from the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire. 

These rules are vital in safeguarding your own safety and those around you. 

Don’t Stop Your Training

Regular training will neither harm your gun nor you. As a matter of fact, it’s very beneficial to you as a gun owner. 

A gun owner who trained two years ago is different from one who trains every month or several times a year. Training with your gun improves your skills that would be crucial in times of a self-defense situation. Also, you get a chance to polish up your gun tactics and accuracy levels with your firearm. 

It’s worth it. 

Gather Knowledge About Your Gun 

Don’t be that gun owner who bought a gun a year or months ago yet you rarely touch until it’s time to respond to an emergency. 

Unless you build your own gun at home or may have minimum knowledge on how your gun functions and its parts, remember, a gun is a tool with operating parts, and at times they may fail, and you will have to fix those minor issues yourself. 

Learn about the parts, how they function, how to assemble and disassemble your gun. I’m sure your gun came with a manual. But that can get boring for some people. The internet is rich in knowledge with a lot of videos on different guns. 

Train Your Partner 

One primary reason civilian acquires firearms is for self-defense purposes. For that reason, it’s also essential for your spouse to learn how to defend herself/himself just in case you are not there for them. 

I understand some partners may hate guns, but it’s not worth being attacked because you are ignorant in learning necessary shooting skills. Motivate and help your partner train as well. 

Learn or Review Laws Within Your States

If you are a first-time gun owner, do yourself a favor and learn those laws and regulation by your respective states or local offices. It will keep you out of jail and avoid losing your firearm to the authorities. 

If you have owned your gun for sometimes, take the initiative to review the laws within your state. Gun laws at the states level may change regularly; hence you need to be up to date. Similarly, it will help you avoid being pulled over by the police now and then. 

Join the Second Amendment Rights Organization 

As gun owners, it’s important you facilitate a membership with an advocacy organization. They play essential roles in defending citizens’ second amendment rights and educate the public about guns. 

Also, they need funds to keep running and performing their mandate. It’s also a platform you get to interact with other gun owners. 

Learn What To Do After A Self-defense Shooting 

As a gun owner, once you pull that trigger in a self-defense situation, some consequences follow. Therefore, you must learn what to do in case you find yourself in such a situation. Many gun owners pay little attention to this aftermath, yet it’s very vital. 

Here is what you should do: 

  1. Immediately call 9-1-1 informing them of the incident. Highlight your name, location, and a brief explanation of what took place. However, avoid calling 9-1-1 if you in a panic to avoid giving contradicted information that could be used against you. 
  2. Do not leave the crime scene unless your life is in danger 
  3. Do not alter the crime scene by either moving objects or dead bodies. 
  4. Put your firearm down immediately; you see the police approaching the scene. They perceive you as a threat. 
  5. Strictly follow the instruction and corporate with the responding police officer at the scene. 
  6. Be polite and insist you first to talk to your attorney. Also, keep silent until you have spoken to your lawyer. 


The above things are significant to any gun owner. Also, they will help you nurture your responsibility with your gun as a law-abiding citizen. Owning a gun is crucial and doing the right things brings more joy to the gun owner. Keep enjoying your Second Amendment rights.

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