How Can You Build And Customize Your Own Gun?

Gun owners and enthusiasts have embraced the art of building and customizing their own guns. Building your own gun at home requires you to have basic skills and standard components of the gun you wish to build. It’s perceived to be easier compared to buying a complete gun from a gun store whereby you have to undergo background checks. According to the Gun Control Act 1968, it’s entirely legal for one to build their own gun except for felons. However, states have varying regulations on these issues. For instance, California is stringent while it comes to building its own gun.

Also, customizing own guns is another trend in the gun industry. However, gun customization is also subject to federal laws and local regulations. Similarly, the state law varies while the federal law is intact. Among the critical areas to observe while doing gun customization include the length of the firearm, barrel length, size of your caliber, and action work. Nevertheless, there are other minor customs you made do and still affect the legality of your firearm.

Building and customizing your own gun helps you own a unique gun. Also, you ensure its capability and functionality are up to your desired level, and it suits your needs.

How Do Custom Guns Work?

Do custom guns work differently from the standard gun? Custom guns function the same as standard guns you may buy from a gun store.

However, the only difference is that a custom gun has a unique appearance and its performance outshines that of a standard gun. Their features and action are more enhanced; hence custom gun tends to do better. They are smoother, stable, and ergonomic friendly for the respective shooters.

What Are The Best Customizable Guns?

While it comes to gun customization, there is always something one may upgrade or change to enhance his/her gun. However, some of the guns in the market tend to complement customs more than others. Here are details of the most customizable guns.

Mossberg 500

The Mossberg 500 is a modern pump-action shotgun that dates its history back in 1960. It is a reliable firearm when it comes to hunting and even combats. A standard Mossberg 500 comes with outstanding features, but they are not suitable for a number of shooters. What upgrades or changes can you do on your Mossberg 500?

The first and the best upgrade on Mossberg 500 is upgrading the grips. For many users, the standard grip does not offer the best while handling this shotgun. You can easily acquire better grips from the market. This helps you reduce the recoil while in operation and also enhances comfort.

Mossberg 500

A custom forend is another excellent part to consider while customizing your Mossberg 500. Why is it important? It allows you to add more when you need them. For instance, it will be of significance when you need to attach rails or M-LOK accessories on your shotgun. Accessories such as lasers and lights are essential in enhancing your accuracy. Also, it will help add grips that improve your stability while shooting.

The Mossberg 500 can easily adopt your favorite stock, even that of an AR-15. That’s incredible!  However, customizing your stocks will be hard if you do not have the right stock adapter installed. Just like many parts of this shotgun are readily available, so are the stock adapters. As long there is compatibility between the two, you will have the best custom to enhance your Mossberg performance.

Another great upgrade on this shotgun should include the sights. They are essential ingredients in enhancing your visibility and focus when is poor lighting. Sights are also known to be reliable for tactical use, such as hunting.

Finally, custom vertical grips work very well on this modern shotgun. The Mossberg 500 tends to have high recoil and needs mitigation to enhance effectiveness. You are assured of a solid grip and stability while aiming and shooting.

Among other parts to customize on the Mossberg 500 include lasers, rails mounts, slings, and the shotshell carrier.

Remington 870

The list of most customizable guns isn’t complete if the Remington 870 is not included. It’s also a pump-action shotgun commonly used for hunting, self-defense, and sport shooting. It is also highly used by law enforcement and military agencies. The parts of this gun are highly customizable with the aftermarket one.

Among the parts that should steal your attention while customizing the Remington 870 includes safety. The standard safety seems to be small and ineffective when you need to disengage the firearm in a stressful situation. Therefore, custom oversized buttons tend to be more reliable even when a user is wearing gloves.

Remington 870

You can also replace your MM extractor with the non-MM extractor. Why do this upgrade matter in a Remington 870? Many gun owners perceive the MM extractor as old school and unreliable because they easily break within a short time. The non-MM are more durable and hardly experience problems while extracting the shell. This part costs less and no hassle in installing.

Customizing the stock and forend of this shotgun can enhance its uniqueness and performance. Both of these are essential in achieving the stability of the shooter. There are aftermarket stocks that are comfortable on your shoulder. Also, shapes and materials vary, and you can choose that one suitable for you. It also applies while selecting a suitable forend for your Remington 870.

Quality and improved shell carrier on your shotgun will be of no harm. It works well essentially in most situations that you may need your firearm. Most of the aftermarket shell carriers are durable, reliable and do not hide the serial number of your firearm. Also, they come in different versions; hence you can go for what works for you.

Also, you may consider adding a rail on this shotgun. It allows you to attach additional accessories, which are essential in improving the overall performance of the gun.

Custom sights are very vital on the Remington 870. They help you acquire your targets and maintain accuracy on your weapon even where there is poor lighting. Other parts that make Remington 870 and can be upgraded and modify include the barrel, magazine extension, magazine follower, and lights.

The 1911

The 1911 is a single-action semi-automatic handgun that has been in existence since the 1911. It’s also called the Colt Government, and it’s widely used around the world. The 1911 is perceived as one of the most comfortable handguns for shooting. Moreover, it’s among the most customizable guns.

It’s so easy to change the grips of your 1911 and replace it with aftermarket grips. Also, these kinds of grips are made of different materials and shapes. You only need to select what suits you. Additionally, some gun owners like custom engravings on the grips to enhance the uniqueness of their firearm.

The 1911

You are not limited to work on the grip safety of this pistol. The standard grip safety is not that effective since one may experience a little slide while shooting. However, you can easily upgrade them since the market has a variety of grip safeties compatible with the 1911.

The 1911 allows you to enhance its accuracy through customizing the barrel. The standard barrel on this handgun work pretty fine, but one can maximize its potential. Why a custom barrel? The accuracy level is at a higher level, very reliable, and it’s also durable.

Another common upgrade on the 1911 is the installation of new springs in the trigger group and recoil spring. Many gun owners insist on changing the springs to ensure their handgun cycles better. Also, this kit does not drain your pocket. It’s one of the ways of enhancing gun performance.

You can easily drop in a custom trigger on your 1911. Also, you may change the entire trigger group. Such parts are readily available and affordable in the market to enhance smoothness while you pull that trigger.

Accuracy is vital while using a pistol. Ever tried custom sights on a 1911? There are endless options for sights available and are suitable for this handgun. The good news is that the 1911 adopts most of the preferences from the markets.

Among other customs possible on this pistol include doing hammer upgrades, installing ambidextrous safeties, setting up custom extractors, and installation of a full-length guide rod.

The 10-22 Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 is one the affordable and easy to maintain gun one may own. It counts as the fourth customizable gun on our list. It’s well known for its reliability, quality, lightweight and friendly ergonomics since the 1960s. Also, it’s a perfect gun for beginners. What makes this gun very customizable?

The 10/20 rifle easily accepts custom barrels. Depending on your preference, you can make your preference; you can easily upgrade the barrel to fit the intended use. For hunting, you can install shorter barrels, but if you do long-ranges, you may go for longer barrels of about 18-20 inches. The barrels are polished differently; hence you select what works for you.

The 10-22 Rifle

If you feel the typical triggers on your 10/22 are not as enjoyable as you may want, do aftermarket triggers. Why should you invest in quality triggers? You will love the smoothness, enhanced accuracy, and a lighter trigger pull. You can always achieve consistent results from this gun through such upgrades.

Nothing enhances the appearance and uniqueness of the Ruger 10/22 than ta custom stock that is well bedded. The markets offer a wide variety of stocks you can install to replace the factory stock. You can imagine the recoil the 10/20 produces. From such consideration, you may upgrade to something more tactical and use friendly. Stock customization of the Ruger 10/22 is a common trend among respective gun owners.

You can customize your 10/22 with vital accessories such as Optics. It essential in enhancing accuracy and acquiring targets. Isn’t this accessory a plus while hunting? There many options available in the market for anyone.

You are not limited to work on your bolt. Usually, bolt tuning enhances optimal ignition and extraction. It’s a simple process one can undertake at home or even visit a gunsmith who can do it for you. Also, the bolt tune-up kits are not expensive.

Among other parts customizable on the Ruger10/22 are the rear tangs, receivers, and magazines.

The AR-15

The AR-15 is among the common and popular guns you will find in the market. It’s a very reliable weapon for home defense purposes, hunting, and also gun competitions. Depending on several features, it can be categorized as a rifle or pistol. From this list of customizable guns, the AR-15 is the most customizable. There many ways you can change this gun to your exact preference.

An AR-15 should never feel uncomfortable on your hands since it easily adopts custom grips. Grips are critical in enhancing your shooting using an AR-15. Aftermarkets grips are affordable, have different designs, are made of different materials, and vary in texture; hence it suits all kind of users. Most of the grip models are readily available in the market are compatible with AR-15s.

The AR-15

You should never limit your experience with an AR-15 because of the poor triggers.  As a gun owner, you can always upgrade your trigger with that one that feels smoother and lighter. Also, there are a variety of triggers, such as single-stage and two-stage triggers that come in different designs.

A quality handguard rail system is a vital ingredient in enhancing the entire functionality of your AR-15. It’s a place you hold when firing and also protects your hand from the heat that builds up. A custom handguard will provide a place to add your desires accessories.

The AR-15 accepts several add-ons that enhance its functionality. Accessories such as optics are essential for a shooter who want improved accuracy in acquiring targets. Lights are also vital for you when you are in areas with poor lighting. You may add slings and sling mountings on your AR-15 to ease your carrying. Also, back-up sights play a significant role if you want more accuracy when you take a shot. Other accessories you can use to customize your AR-15 include enlarged trigger guards and ambidextrous safety selectors.

AR-15s are known to produce a recoil. If the user cannot handle it, then the shooting is not accurate. Upgrading the stocks is the way to counter this challenge. Stocks are made of different materials; hence you can always install what suits you. Also, they are of different types to enhance your gun performance.

Shooters prefer different barrel lengths. As a result, custom barrels a trend in AR-15 modifications. Some shooters go for the longer barrels due to improved accuracy of the weapon while others settle for shorter ones. Also, some go for different polishing of the barrels depending on what they like.

An AR-15 is such a versatile firearm that one can use to implement any idea of customization on a gun. Among other customs to apply include muzzle devices and upgrading bolt carrier group,


The above information has been prepared as a service to the internet community and should not be perceived as legal advice. As a gun owner or potential buyer, you should ascertain and obey all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws regarding the building, possession, use, sale, and customization of firearms. All rights reserved.